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Detox and Grow!

Detox and Grow!

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Detox and Grow was created by Chantal Vander Vorst. It’s a place dedicated to training, coaching, sharing knowledge and creating innovative workshops. We work internationnally in close cooperation with selected parters who share our values. Driven by strong ideals, Chantal Vander Vorst has been passionate about human and organizational dynamics for more than 25 years, including the Neuro-Cognitive and Behavioural Approach, of which she is an expert and pioneer in its international dissemination. A black belt in karate, she integrates the postural dimension in many interventions.

Detox and Grow!

Our fields of intervention cover all your needs

Whether it is for coaching, organising a conference or a seminar, or advice, our themes cover all your needs in terms of productivity improvement, human relations or organization. With human interactions at the center of everything, we step in at every level, with interventions best suited to meet your objectives.

Detox and Grow!

Recent achievements

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When to call us ?



To prevent stress and burn-out and to set up a caring organizational culture


To get a project or a change off the ground or to boost your professional activities


To acquire tools and new skills based on neuroscience and human behavioural research

Level Out of a Crisis

To grow stronger from a crisis and to get a team back on track


To organise an inspirational team building event or an inspirational conference


To implement a change strategy.

Our business

Creating innovative seminars

Facilitating change

Sharing insight and knowledge

Intervention flow

In all our interventions, we bring about the changes needed for growth as we…

1. Identify

Identify the ultimate goal, the objective pursued, beyond appearances.

2. Diagnose

Detailed diagnosis aiming at identifying our self-sabotaging actions and our resources, both individually and collectively

3. Detox

Detox: unlock mental resistance and cut superfluous “noise”

4. Mobilise

Mobilise and harness all individual and collective resources

5. Anchor

Anchor the changes made.
We put awareness, personal and systemic transformation as well as action at the heart of every growth process Our assessments rely on more than 25 year of research in neuroscience, among others

Global reach

Chantal Vander Vorst

Chantal Vander Vorst

Speaker, consultant, trainer and international coach

Chantal Vander Vorst supports organisations, teams and individuals internationally in their transformation through coaching, training and consultancy services. She also creates seminars and innovative management, coaching and training concepts and methods.

An agricultural engineer by education, Chantal Vander Vorst founded the company Humanix in 2008, of which the Detox and Grow! concept is a part. She has been passionate about human and organisational dynamics for more than 20 years, among others through the NeuroCognitive and Behavioural Approach, of which she is an expert and pioneer in its international diffusion in five countries: Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Switzerland and Morocco. She co-created and directed the Institute of NeuroCognitivism in several countries..

She co-wrote the book “Le management toxique” published by Eyrolles in 2013 and worked for 12 years as a project and process manager in various complex and varied environments: distribution, environment and telecoms.

She also trained to become a professional coach in 2007 at the Coaching de gestion (Management Coaching) school in Canada.

Third Dan in Karate and co-founder of the Shinwa Karate School in Louvain-la-Neuve (Belgium), she brings in the postural dimension in several of her interventions.

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