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Chantal Vander Vorst regularly appears in the media in different countries. Here are some examples: 

"Toxicité humaine" dans les organisations de travail

Mécanismes à l’œuvre et leviers de changements comportementaux
Les Cahiers de l’Actif – N°510/511


L’intuition dans l’entreprise, et si ça marchait. HR magazine (Belgium)

Le Management toxique, Bilan (Switzerland)

Le management toxique

Chantal Vander Vorst co-wrote with Patrick Collignon a book called Le Management toxique [Toxic Management] published by Eyrolles in 2013.

We are all potential sources of toxicity to others and to ourselves, and we all have a darker side. Each of us can be a cause or a victim, and more often than not, if we are not vigilant enough, the toxicity will spread and it will be the whole system that can become harmful and counter-productive. Bringing this taboo to light, in full disclosure, naming it, understanding it, is a fundamental first step towards addressing it.

Management becomes toxic when it incapacitates a person from carrying out their tasks and missions or subjects them to additional and harmful emotional pressure over time. Whether it is due to complicated relationships or structural dysfunctions, this type of management has repercussions on the daily lives of the people it targets.

In this book, we offer solutions to implement self-coaching actions, make commitments towards oneself in order to level out of it in a sustainable way.

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